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Military informatization has become one critical aspect in military construction. It is an urgent matter for communication department leaders at various levels that how to further enhance the communication security and regeneration capacity through the application of all kinds of advanced technologies, especially the newest achievements of information technology.

To increase the ability of the system on performing task of emergency based on the information system and realize the fighting ability of rapidly mobilized operational command, informatization department of armed police is actively exploring the multi-networks integration technology, and adopting scientific and effective command and dispatching plan to enhance the commanding efficiency and well performing the sacred mission of maintaining the social security and stability.

Multimedia Command and Dispatching System

Currently, network system, which is based on the military’s wired network, wireless network, and satellite network, can’t meet the application requirements for centralized dispatching the resources by armed police in the network interconnection and carrying service.

Multimedia command and dispatching system developed by the Zhejiang UHOPE Communication Technology Co., Ltd. adopts resources sharing and uniform management of “interconnection with one network”, multiple branch networks between head and detachment and squadron (that is, from top to the end), which comprehensively enhance the rapid access, dispatching among the whole network as well as centralized control ability, and perform remote “field command” through “face-to-face” communication mode to achieve the purpose of quick response and centralized implementation.

After construction, this system realized the voice interconnection between different branch networks, uniform dispatching of video resources, and uniform dispatching of AV resources, etc. This system provides security for convenient communication, accurate command, quick response, uniform dispatching, and service centralized management by armed police through the single-point voice dispatching, group voice dispatching, single-point video dispatching, group video dispatching, single-point dispatching, single-point AV dispatching, group AV dispatching, mass texting and emailing, voice notification, etc.

The networking of multimedia command and dispatching system is as follows: