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Emergency command information system

Emergency command information system is targeting the government, professional functional departments, enterprises and public institutions, etc. with the responsibility of emergency coordination and emergency response. Emergency command information system is based on the converged communication platform and computer communication network, adopts the 3S (GIS, GPS, RS), data warehouse, SOA, IOT, etc., and realizes the collection and analysis of the warning information before the emergency; and comprehensive perception of the field information, real time control of the situations, efficiently giving orders and directions during the emergency; timely analyzing the emergency and making summary, etc., which provide information support and decision-making aids in the process of emergency.


System Networking:

Network Construction Descriptions:

1)This system can access all kinds of voice, video and information systems, such as house phone, external line, radio (supporting access of the short wave, ultra short wave, and cluster vehicles), handheld phone (handheld interphone), mobile communication vehicle, video surveillance, video conference, information system (GPS location management system, etc.) and other service application systems (e.g., plan management system, resources management system).

2)This system can provide the following different interfaces for different roles.

Provide on duty interface for staff on duty, focusing on the daily information management, and event reporting, information collection.

Provide command interface for the commanders, mainly based on the GIS interface; provide decision-making aids by revealing the information; it has two types of computer client and mobile terminal.

Provide management interface for the managers, focusing on the system configuration and operating maintenance.

3)System Deployment

Deploy the command center and subordinate units by level to realize the command by level and cooperative conference, as well as the cooperative command of the mobile command vehicle and field command.

Command center in each level supports immobile and mobile command at the same time, and dispatch all the resources through the wired network, wireless network, and satellite network.

Command center masters the real time field situations through the field images and GIS map, and give orders by combining the plan management system and resources management system.