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The financial industry is very concerned with the rapid sharing of information and decision-making.They have always wanted to solve the problem of how to convene a meeting quickly, effectively and high quality.

The UHOPE Mobile connection is carrier-class multi-users call (teleconference) product. It can initiate and control call (conference), including voice conference, video conference, mass texting and address book management in the mobile terminals (Mobile phone/PAD) at anytime and anywhere. Mobile connection can help over 95% industries reduce costs, solve the bottleneck of expansion, enhance management efficiency, shorten sales cycle, and improve communication efficiency between staff and channels.

system Features

At anytime and anywhere:Initiator can initiate and control the communication through the mobile phone or computer at anytime and anywhere;

Efficient and convenient: Initiator call group communication just with three steps; it is very easy to use;

Clear voice: Use the communication network and technology of reducing noise, which make the meeting place more like the real one;

Visualization of conference: Real-time check and handle the status of participants;

Completely encrypted: Use end-to-end encryption technique guaranteeing the safety of communication;

Ultra-large capacity: Single conference supports communication of 240 simultaneously; single platform supports 960 users use simultaneously.

Operating Terminals
iOS (Apple) OS iphone/iPAD client;
iOS (Android) OS Mobile phone/iPAD client;
WEB version;

Key Technical Indicators