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At present, water resources in our country are suffering from severe water pollution, water ecological environment deterioration, water shortage and other serious problems, which have restricted the the sustainable development of economy. In order to promote the sustainable use of water resources and transformation of economic development mode, coordinate development between economic and social development and supporting ability of water resources and water environment, and guarantee the long-term steady and fast development of economy and society, state council issued the “Opinions on the implementation of the most strict water resources management system” in Jan., 2012 that make comprehensive plans and specific arrangements on the implementation of the most strict water resources management system at a national level. Moreover, related functional departments take measures and actions to improve water environment and control the water pollution.

In order to realize the sustainable development of Chinese nation, the 18th national people’s congress includes ecological civilization construction in the “five in one” general layout of socialism cause with Chinese characteristics to vigorously advance the ecological civilization construction, make great efforts to construct beautiful China. “Clear water, blue sky” is the basic understanding for the beautiful China. Promoting the transformation and upgrading is the important task of ecological civilization construction with water control as the breakthrough. Water quality is the key indicator to measure the result of ecological civilization construction.


Through the concept of rivers grid management, the intelligent “a total of five water treatment” management information system performs the three-level administration of the province, city, county (city, district), integrates the available various basic data, monitoring data and surveillance videos, and then converges into management information system through province, city and county’s transmission network, and provides the inquiry, reporting and management system with different levels, dimensions, carriers for the leaders at various levels, staff, and the public.

Intelligent “a total of five water treatment” management information system includes the uniform management information system which eliminates the information isolated islands and guarantees the uniform service process and data integrity. It also supports the three-level administration of province, city, county (city, district)This system is comprised of “a total of five-water treatment”, operational command, integrated display, business acceptance, data management, project management, objective management, evaluation management, integrated query, statistical analysis, system management, etc. and provides three access terminals for leaders, staff and the public respectively.

Leader Version
Leader version supports the access through PAD, computer, big screen, etc. and displays the subject analysis chart of province, city, county (city, district), town (street and road) from multiple dimensions, including construction project responsibility chart, water-controlling chart, vision-planning chart, construction project chart, various distribution charts, various governance charts, various lists, etc.

Staff Version
Staff version software has mobile phone version and computer version, mainly providing daily inspection and management, daily work management, basic data management, reporting and verification, task processing and other functions.

The Public Version
The public version mobile phone application provides reporting, information-access, interaction, public supervision and other functions. The public also can participate in the “A total of five water treatment” through the Wechat, telephone, SMS, website, etc.