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Power industry has been studying how to achieve power smart inspection for years. Now the UHOPE Intelligent Security (power) System can be solved to a certain extent, and it can save the artificial consumption.The solution can be divided into the following two forms.

Power Line Wireless (3G/4G)Intelligent Inspection System

Based on video intelligent analysis technology, this system integrates the individual soldier, vehicle, UAV, mobile suitcase, etc. to determine the alarm of power line failure, theft, fire, icing degree and power line abnormity, and realizes the multilevel and cross-regional inspection; so centralized monitoring and inspection, unified management of the front-end system can be achieved in the control center/operation center, which then can provide protection for the intelligent power grids.

Substation Auxiliary Control System

This system integrates intelligent visual meter reading technology, infrared thermal imaging, remote automated control, etc. and makes auto remote substation inspection through background inspection plan.


Multiple Video Surveillance

Support high definition video surveillance, intelligent video surveillance, and mobile video surveillance, which will improve the overall video quality and security level;

Auxiliary System Fusion

Realize the integration of the subsystems, that is, video surveillance, environment monitoring, security alarm, access control, and intelligent control. All the subsystems will interwork based on the plan;

Visual Operation Management

Make the regional video inspection plan as required and communication with DSCADA at the same time. In the event of the switching operation or tripping, DSCADA will send the “remote control” signal or “remote signaling” signal to the video surveillance system, and then it will correlate the relevant camera’s preset position.

Three-dimensional Supervision Model

Realize vertical supervision of the front end, district/county and city; fix network access through C/S or B/S; supervise the mobile network through handheld management terminals (Mobile phone, PAD, etc.)

System Operation and Maintenance Management

IT infrastructure management, video quality diagnosis, bandwidth optimization and control, assets management, log management.

2、Key Functions

Intelligent analysis, security detection, environment monitoring, infrared thermal imaging

Lost & found alarm, interval alarm, video and service integration


Power Inspection

1) Mobile video surveillance is used to inspect the overall process. The commander can know the field situations and correct and guide the field work through the AV;

2) Integrate the visual management and service process, promptly upload the video data after work and correlate the video data and work sheet, operation sheet, emergency repair matters to closed-loop of the service process.

Substation Auxiliary Control

1) Access and integrate the subsystems in the substation, and realize the integrated monitoring of the auxiliary subsystems and intelligent plans in and out of the system;

2)Support connection with the information integration platform through DL/T860 protocol, upload data of the auxiliary system and receive the control signaling, which realize the service integration with the production system.

3)When the substation makes the switching operation, it will link to the video preset position, which really realize the visual operation management.

4、Application Cases

State Grid Hangzhou Municipal Xiaoshan Electric Power Company

State Grid Jinhua Municipal Lanxi Electric Power Company

State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company