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Mobile Connection Product

Mobile connection is carrier-class multi-users call (teleconference) product. It can initiate and control call (conference), including voice conference, video conference, mass texting and address book management in the mobile terminals (Mobile phone/PAD) at anytime and anywhere. Its application scope covers management, sales, training, marketing activities, etc. Mobile connection can help over 95% industries reduce costs, solve the bottleneck of expansion, enhance management efficiency, shorten sales cycle, and improve communication efficiency between staff and channels.      

1. Application fields

Manufacturing, Wholesaling and Retailing, Counseling, etc.
Banking, Insurance, Security, etc.
Logistics, Real Estate, 4S shops, etc.
Communication, E-commerce, Computer Application Service, etc.
Tourism, Hotel, Catering, Entertainment Services, etc.

2.  Product Features      
At anytime and anywhere:Initiator can initiate and control the communication through the mobile phone or computer at anytime and anywhere; 

Efficient and convenient: Initiator call group communication just with three steps; it is very easy to use;

Clear voice: Use the communication network and technology of reducing noise, which make the meeting place more like the real one;

Visualization of conference: Real-time check and handle the status of participants;

Completely encrypted: Use end-to-end encryption technique guaranteeing the safety of communication;

Ultra-large capacity: Single conference supports communication of 240 simultaneously; single platform supports 960 users use simultaneously.

3. Operating Terminals

iOS (Apple) OS iphone/iPAD client;
iOS (Android) OS Mobile phone/iPAD client;
WEB version;

4.  Key Technical Indicators