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Video Surveillance System

1. Product Introduction 

Intelligent video surveillance system consists of video collection box, video investigation individual soldier study and judge system, video investigation interworking platform and image clearness system, etc. It comprehensively supports that video investigates all links, and its functions cover cases management, time-space analysis, video review, clues management, assembly and marking, report generation, greatly increasing the efficiency of handling a case.

2. System Features

Video capture: Easy and convenient, complete tools
Extract the videos by video acquisition box with maximum speed of 90MB/s. It is high efficient and reliable.

Data reduction: Numerous data is in control.
Videos, images, recording, surveillance, maps, marks, etc. all are systematic, it is very easy to find.

Space-time analysis: Space-time deduction, present the case
Reveal the space, time, events, and clues reasonably, and make various analyses parallel. Space-time study and judge are straight and clear. 

Videos review: Review efficiently, note conveniently
Intelligent video frame system can meet all the requirements for reviewing the videos, such as comparison, enlargement, compression, fast forward and backward, playback, single frame, marking, optimizing, timing, etc.   

Target search: Search by conditions, locate quickly 
Various intelligent algorithms kernel and find out the demanded target through search direction, path, color, vehicle, target, time. 

Features recognition: Fuzzy images, clear doubts
Target all the various videos fuzzy problems, such as low-light, misty, muddy, low pixel, oblique shape, fast speed, and extract the key information from the video

Results representation: Summarize the case, sharing the experience
Mark the pictures, videos, maps freely, and various materials will be orderly generated in the report results through the summary function.

3. Key Functions       

4. Product Advantages   
Comprehensive Service Functions 
This system has comprehensive service functions that can meet various requirements by commanders, video and image processors, video collectors, and video reviewers in the investigation. 

Rapid and Efficient Analysis
This system adopts the concentration analysis and the results can be shared with other people, so secondary analysis is unnecessary, which improves the use efficiency of time and resources.

Role-based Access Control
This system supports role-based client. Commander assigns roles for the people, and then the platform will assign the authority accordingly and reveal the functions of the system.

Flexible application of the platform
Functions of the client change according to the user’s authority, as user is not binding to the hardware. One device can be used for searching and analyzing, and commanding and judging or images processing; one people can use any devices installed with client, where all the information and functions are same.

Economical smoothly expansion       
Expand the capacity by adding servers when requirements for the processing or the storage capacity of the platform can’t be met and the existing servers can continue working. The process won’t have any impact on the normal operation.

Sound Compatibility and Expandability
It is seamlessly compatible with third-party system and easy to expand. Our company owns the all the intellectual property of the system and supports the connection with all kinds of video surveillance platforms, devices and case platforms.
5. Application Cases         

Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

Yuhang Branch of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

 Shangyu Municipal Public Security Bureau,

Zhuji Municipal Public Security Bureau,

Video Surveillance Detachment of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau,

Hongkou Brach of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau,

Jiangyou Municipal Public Security Bureau
Cangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau