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IP Dispatching Exchange System

1. Product Introduction

For the purpose of providing various ways of communication dispatching and achieving the visual, mobile and intelligent dispatching, which will increase the efficiency of dispatching significantly, IP dispatching exchange system platform uses the advanced computer software technology, IP communication technology and AV processing technology, combines the wired, wireless communication system and terminal devices, and also integrates the audio exchange service, wired and wireless voice dispatching service and visual dispatching service based on the standard softswitch technical framework.

2. Deployment

System Networking:

3. Product Features

4. Key Functions

5. Product Advantages

Integration of Dispatching and Exchange

Exchange Integrating exchanging service function with dispatching service function, high system integration degree, device space saving, and easy to handle and maintain. It can be used in the soft switch communication system in the administration, and also can realize dispatching by interconnection with the existing soft switch communication system.

Various Access Terminals

Support the wireless terminals, such as fixed telephone, SIP telephone, SIP video telephone, radio, mixer, camera, etc., and short wave, ultra short wave, wireless digital cluster, wireless broadband cluster, mobile phone, PAD, etc, as well as satellite telephones, satellite vehicle, GPS, Beidou satellite, etc. All the terminals can realize interconnection.

Rich System Functions

Support voice value-added function, such as basic voice exchange and one number service; and video functions, such as AV interaction, visual double talk; and dispatching service function, such as break-in and breakdown; and characteristic service functions, such as SMS, fax, notice, and message.

Good Concurrence Capacity of the Host

A single host supports concurrent calls of 1500 sides, and the call capacity can be expanded through cascade connection. One meeting room supports interactions of 200 sides, and 20 concurrent meeting rooms. Device and system capacity can be configured flexibly as requirements by customer.

Sharing of Resources Cascade

Support different level deployment, system cascade connection, resources sharing in the whole network, SMS, fax, voice record-play, conference, sharing of video access resources in the whole network.

Stable and Reliable Devices

Use carrier-class device with stable and reliable performance, support dual redundant backup, and terminals can switch automatically through double registration. One users can bind multiple numbers, and make reliable call through polling.

6. Application Fields and Cases

Application fields: Production dispatching, traffic dispatching, safety dispatching, emergency dispatching

Application cases: Guangzhou traffic dispatching, Petro China emergency access platform, three networks convergence centralized dispatching platform in the Armed Police Force of Shandong, integrated dispatching system of Shanxi Natural Gas